You’ve worked hard and put in many hours perfecting your book. All that hard work deserves a great book cover to bring it to life! From modern graphics to detailed digitally painted illustrations, Mad Spider Studio can provide you with an eye catching cover design that will give your book a professional edge in the market place. Request a quote today!



Have you written your children’s book but are uncertain what the next step is? Mad Spider Studio can help you with that.

Manuscript Review: Professional editing is essential to create a successful book. Manuscript Review provides you with professional proofreading, suggestions for improving narrative flow, and suggestions on how to layout your text and pair it with illustrations. Manuscript review provides you with a polished blueprint of how to put your book together.

Book Layout: Already have your manuscript polished and your illustrations ready? Let Mad Spider Studio put all those elements together in a print book PDF ready to submit to your publisher of choice. This service includes adjustment your graphics, photos or illustrations for best print results, setting your text in a professional, easy to read manner, and cover design using existing interior graphics.


$450 + Illustration Cost

Get your children’s book published with this easy service. You provide the manuscript and we do the rest! Package includes Manuscript Review, Book Layout, creation and transfer of author CreateSpace account, Free ISBN number, creation of proof copy of book, registration of book with all available distribution outlets provided by CreateSpace, creation of marketing graphics for use on social media.


$250 + Illustration Cost

E-books are a cost effective way to publish and sell your book. Mad Spider Studio can set up your book for release through Kindle, which allows your books to be enjoyed on iPad, Mac and PC computers as well as many others. E-book Published includes creation of e-book for Kindle devices, creation of Kindle author account, and cover design using an existing interior illustration.

Please note: E-book readers have a smaller area to view the book, so books with larger amounts of text per page will be harder to read than books with a larger font sizes and fewer words. Not every children's book will work as well as a digital book as it will as a print book, so it's important to evaluate whether your title will be a good fit for the ebook publishing.




$550 Print Published + E-book Published


$50    |   Spot Illustration

$90    |   Full Page Illustration

$135   |   Two Page Spread Illustration


The Process:

1.  Submit a list of images you wish to have illustrated. You can also include reference photos to describe the appearance of characters and locations in your story.

2.  A set of sketches is developed from your list and submitted to you for approval. The composition of each illustration should be finalized in this stage. Two rounds of revision are included in the per illustration cost.

3.  Once the composition of each illustration is finalized, then it goes to color. Each illustration is completed in beautiful, rich color and submitted to you for approval. One round of revision is included in this stage. Any major composition changes after color is applied may result in additional cost.

4.  Once all illustrations are finalized, you will be supplied with a full set of print-ready and web-ready files for printing and online promotion of your book.


illustration & design


Approx. $30.00 per hour


Mad Spider Studio offers illustration & design services in a wide variety of styles for any project. From greeting cards, to web graphics, to promotional maps, we can take care of your illustration needs. Contact us today for a quote!